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Jan. 10th, 2014 01:59 am
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Break is slowly ending (*´Д`); Only two more days until Monday and then back to school again... I don't even know where my classes are or how to get there with all the construction they're doing! They blocked off a huge pathway to get to like three buildings and now we have to get around with their impossible to find skywalks. Not looking forward to that at all!!

In lighter news, fabric shopping today! Went to a friend's house and the fancy fashion outlet. Got new Titus fabric for his chaps and some Kouha fabric. I wish I could've stayed longer ;w; The sales were freaking amazing! The had a clearance room where items $7 under were $1 a yard and ahhh if only the lines weren't so long ( ´_ゝ`) Also never go shopping w/o a list. Because I just remembered that I needed Naegi fabric and I didn't get any and now I'm sad. Oh well next time next time.

Afterwards we went to Hmart to buy ingredients for okonomiyaki! ♥ Had delicious lunch in the food court of pork katsudon... Unfortunately I lost my picture of it. Also found one of those electric flyswatters and the illustration guy looks a loooot like Eren(´∀`); But look at the beautiful okonomiyaki! >3<


We watched Frozen afterwards. Didn't expect there to be so many music scenes! Especially since the only songs I hear anyone talk about is Let it Go and Do You Want to Build a Snowman. Anyways, I thought it was a really nice movie~ The pacing is kind of awkward in some parts, but I loved all the characters. Except for Hans. Hans can go rip his sideburns off and die. You don't do that to precious Anna!( ゚Д゚)I was pleasantly surprised that I liked Olaf as much as I did! And Kristoff too!

Also played a bit of scattergories before we left~ Fun game but AH so much pressure! How does anyone stand continuous ticking all the time?!

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