Feb. 17th, 2014

tofu: (makoto • sparkly shoujo mode)
BLEH I should stop talking about depressing things now! In other news, this past week was my birthday and Valentine's Day! Spent my birthday with friends and my parents came by and bought me a cake ;w; Stuff like this makes me feel so blessed and wow my friends and family are great!!

The day before Valentine's Day was our anime club's Valentine's party! Ate lots of food and had lots of fun and I even finished one of my programs! lolol Afterwards was Kill la Kill watching and THAT EPISODE HELLO. The entire room was screaming at the revelation (not that it wasn't expected ehehe)!

Actual Valentine's Day was spent working on cosplay! A bunch of girls hanging out at my res hall cutting wigs and sewing, love is in the air~ :P Look look! Kouha wig is styled and ready to go!!

AH Dangan Ronpa also shipped in the day after my birthday! >3< Look at how beautiful that packaging is!! As for the game... I need a PS Vita /cries.

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