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mochi ([personal profile] tofu) wrote2014-01-08 11:39 pm

new years resolutions? what are those?

Wowow I can’t believe it’s already a week since 2014 started! It’s been more or less the same as the end of 2013. I decided not to make any new years resolutions since I know I won’t keep them… Instead I’ll make shorter goals I can actually reach! They’re much more motivating for me anyways ε-(´∀`; )

[personal profile] yukiko and I hosted a new years party at our place! Did a potluck with a bunch of people and HELLO food!! Everyone brough sooo much food and such a great variety, too (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) I’m glad it worked out well and DANG people know how to cook. Or at least choose very delicious cooks to cook food for them ww

Eva movie in nearly a week?!?! I’ve been working on my Shinji cosplay with both my Kaworu and Rei lately! We’re all making jackets matching [personal profile] yukiko ’s Asuka jacket~ I screwed up the pattern a bit but qwq it’ll work out in the end… Hopefully ☆〜(ゝ。∂)But yeah! Even though I’ve seen it twice? Maybe thrice? And can see it anytime, still super excited for it! Ahhh seeing things in the big screen is just not the same as watching it on the computer!!

Need to trim my shinji wig juuuust a bit so the bangs are all short and baka shinji like uwu;

Yesterday was also supposed to be our Eva catching up party for people who never watched it and will watch the movie on Thursday! …except it turned out to be a hot pot party ε-(´∀`; ) nobody’s complaining though! Hot pot is DELICIOUS. Even more delicious with quail eggs and having to fight over them. It’s not hot pot unless you have to fight for your food!

Slightly blurry but still delicious looking picture of our hot pot! Before the quail eggs were added in /)w(\

Been trying to catch up on a bunch of anime/manga/games before break ends~ Currently playing Kingdom Hearts HD AND MAN how did I ever like Riku?! I’m in Hollow Bastion right now and he’s been such a jerk I can’t. Also who told him that skirt looked good on him?! Probably going to grind before attempting dragon!maleficent again because she totally whooped me orz;; Level 50 here we go~!

my gummi ship is hella rad ok. i should actually take an updated picture of this because now it has more lasers and FANGS.

On another topic of games, I decided to take a break from Kingdom Hearts after playing a week straight to finish Persona 4 again! …only to find out I lost my ps2 memory card 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。 Losing a memory card is probably worst than losing the game itself q__q you can replace games but you can’t replace memories!! ESPECIALLY SINCE I ALREADY MAXED OUT MY STATS AHHHH!!!

BUT ANYWAYS. Anime/manga-wise, finally getting back into Kyousogiga! It’s been like what? 2 years since I waited for an actual TV anime? Ahh it’s so good though ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Love love looove all the characters! Only halfway through right now but should be done before this break ends!

Also finished watching Brothers Conflict… Ahahaha why did I even bother. It was a good way to pass the time I guess? I actually really like all the guys but MAN THE ANIME SUCKED. Subaru is forever my favorite though! He reminds me of Akihiko in a way? Also my TokiMemo husbando Kazuma Suzuka \(//∇//)\ Maybe I just have a thing for awkward jocks… They're just so hopelessly adorable??

Speaking of hopelessly adorable, freaking Takashi Natsume my newly adopted 2d child. Felt really deprived of Natsume Yuujinchou after rewatching Hotarubi no Mori e the other day (still buckets of tears) so finally got back to reading the manga! I swear every single scene where he tries to go out and solve problems all by himself I just want to cradle him in my arms and be like baby plz you have friends and family all around you plz bb just trust them! IDK I HAVE STRONG FEELINGS FOR THIS BOY. ALSO all those scenes where he’s either in pain or crying or ANYTHING. What are these maternal instincts I never thought I had?? Speaking of which, the Matoba arc where Natsume becomes his Shiki, I just wanted to downright burn that bastard. gomen but you do not speak to my son that way and get away with it. YOU'RE the only one getting exorcised around here!!