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mochi ([personal profile] tofu) wrote2014-01-12 02:55 am
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no one would miss me

Wahh one more day of break left qwq I felt like I wasted my Saturday! Spent most of the day lazing around when I should be packing to move in tomorrow orz; Then my friend came over and we played some Just Dance 2014 and watched Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days on KH1.5~

I don't wanna say it but MAN that game is gay ww I need to play through it to get the full story effect I think, but I don't really like Xion? IDK maybe it was because of a bad first impression but I thought her overall was really pointless? Like the scenes with her, Roxas, and Axel were adorable and the stuff going on with Roxas was really nice, but she seemed sorta unecessary? Blah. I liked Riku's involvement in the game though uwu; It's nice especially since I kinda really hated him now that I'm replaying the first game~ The movies just make me want to replay KH2 the most though qwq;

Blah today was an uneventful day uou; idk what else to write about. But tomorrow is Nisekoi day! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Super hyped to watch it! Okay I guess I'll write more tomorrow/later today~