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sore wa chigau yo!

Oops missed my Sunday entry Σ(´д`;) Spent the day moving in and watching a whole bunch of stuff at a friend's apartment but most importantly, NISEKOI! ♥ It was a nice adaptation but it was SO SHAFT. The storyline and characters were spot on, but the atmosphere is completely different? The colors were distracting tbh. The opening was really nice though! ClariS was a nice choice ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Unfortunately today's the first day back to class (。・ˇ_ˇ・。) I only had Lighting & Composition today, but still. Classes. Our professor seemed really awkward but really passionate at what she does. I liked her so far, but she made us all introduce ourselves taking like 5 minutes each... 30 people in the class. I couldn't see half the people's faces so I only remember like... 3 names. skalfjas why do introductions even exist.

My friends and I decided to visit the new cosplay store that just opened up near campus! It's called Cosplay N Charm, and it's such a cute little store~ If they didn't solely sell bootlegged merch I would love it more... But that's not to say bootlegged merch can't be bad! They had the cutest Monokuma mask on a stick type thing and ahhh I want it for my Naegi cosplay ლ(◉◞౪◟◉ )ლ Also got a free Rilakkuma pin! We also visited Tapioca House afterwards and got some delicious pudding milk tea~ ❤(◕‿◕✿)


omfg where do I even begin with this week's Magi chapter. OK so first things first, I actually really wanted Alibaba and Kouen to team up, but actually TEAM UP not Kouen force Alibaba over to the Kou empire like what he was trying to do. It would actually be really cool to see them + Sinbad, all as equals to each other, but this chapter also revealed a side of Kouen I didn't really see, I guess? Kouen has a really big superiority complex, if that's the right word for it? I didn't really expect that out of him especially when he mentioned how he was just thrown this position in the last few chapters. BUT I think this is also exactly why he and Alibaba would work so well together! Koumei explaining the conditions really questioned Alibaba's values. Not saying that his values are bad, but I think this is a good chance for him to reaffirm exactly what Alibaba believes in. Kouen also points out one of Alibaba's flaws: his indecisiveness/inability to make quick decisions. In return, Alibaba responds to Kouen in ways that Kouen doesn't expect. I feel like they constantly surprise each other by showing different viewpoints (Kouen especially with how impatient he is for everything) and they could be really good allies that way! OK BLAH I don't even know if what I wrote even made sense but THERE my Magi feels for Kouen and Alibaba. I think too much about Magi. 

BUT YEAH THE REST OF THE CHAPTER... I'm really excited for what Kougyoku would have to say! Alibaba and Kougyoku have really similar values, but I Kougyoku is pretty wise in her own way (Sinbad/Ja'far even pointed it out) so she's bound to say something to influence Alibaba~ Hopefully something to get him on his own path like what he's been working towards recently? askfjaklsf I just really want Alibaba to get his country back without the help of Kouen or Sinbad. ALSO MU HI WHY ARE YOU HERE. WHAT IS THIS ABOUT FANALIS? YOU SAY FANALIS NOW? FANALIS TO FANALIS? FANALIS ARC? IS THAT WHAT WE'RE GETTING??? plz let it be a fanalis arc.

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